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The Rik ` the hammer` Ellis  -  Memorial Site

" Learning is the gift, when pain is your teacher "  -  Rik Ellis

" I will train and fight to fulfill my fathers dream that I will one day make it to the UFC. "
I know my father will always be in my corner
Jay `the prodigy ` Dods - Ellis

Rik with his son Jay

Rest in Peace My Beloved Son
      A Tribute by Henry Ellis  

Richard ` Rik` Ellis - R.I.P.  - 10th 3rd 1973 - - 16th December 2014.

I am totally devastated and heartbroken to report the passing of my beloved son Richard on the 16th of December 2014.
From childhood until his death Rik always said his father was his hero, I always replied that the roles were now reversed - he had become ` my hero `  he was a totally fearless ` gladiator `

`Rik's` many friends and  supporters from around the world are constantly kept updated on Rik's good friend's  facebook site - Nick ` headhunter` Chapmans MMA Fight Science Facebook page.

The pain I feel cannot be expressed in simple words alone - Rik was so deeply loved by his father Henry Ellis Shihan  - sister  Doctor Julie  Anne Elphick  and his son `Jay- The Prodigy ` Dods - Ellis

We apologies for any delay in answering the large volume of calls - messages - it is so difficult to deal with the grief and the endless pain at this time. 


Read by David Wilson Jnr on behalf of his Uncle Henry.

A Tribute to Richard my beloved friend and son  

To all those that knew Richard, he was known simply as  `Rik` 

Richard was an intelligent and articulate young man, a man who would be most unhappy if we were to make sweet flowery statements about him and his life. He would often say about everything  “ Just tell it as it is “
Rik read extensively on the origins of life, he sincerely believed there  was a better after life, many of Rik’s friends had their cauliflower ears bent for hours listening to his sincere beliefs in the next world.

To his father Henry,  Rik was many things, `` The Good – The Bad – and The Handsome.
Rik would tell his father each and every day that he loved him, in fact, his final words to his father were  ““Dad - I really do love you ! ””

To Rik’s father, Rik was a `Gladiator ` - Henry recalled watching Rik win his first professional fight, Henry entered the cage to congratulate his son – Henry hugged Rik and said  “ Son, this fight was like watching a ` Gladiatorial Contest ` Henry doesn’t  even know to this day if Gladiatorial is a real word or not ? but it was a word he has used so many times from that day on.
As children, Richard and his sister Julie who were aged respectively 4 and 5 - began their education at a prestigious private school.
On the first day of school  Henry instructed Richard to take good care of his little sister Julie.
It wasn’t long before  Henry were called to a meeting  before  the school principal.
Richard had been playing on a small hill overlooking the school playing field -  he looked down to see his sister Julie being pushed back and forth by four young boys who were in the year above Richard.
Richard did then what he has always done to this day, he went down that hill like a steam train, knocking all the bully boys over – the Principal spoke sternly of Richard’s possible expulsion.
 Henry asked Richard  “ Son - Why did you attack all those boys ? “  Richard simply replied  “ Dad – you told me to look after my little sister – so  I did “. 

Yet, there is one story Henry will never forget - Richard would then have been in his late twenty’s
A lady came up to Henry at a car boot sale at Bracknell Judo Club.

The lady asked Henry directly  “ are you Richard Ellis’s father ? “
 Henry immediately thought  “” OH – OH - WHAT NOW “” 
The lady then told Henry that her son Simon had died at the age of 23 years after a life time of illness – she told how she had cried each and every day that she dropped her son off at the senior school gates, because her son Simon was physically weak he was  bullied every single day  – until one day, for the first time ever, Simon came home with a beaming smile on his face, he told his mother he had made a new friend at school named Richard Ellis, and his new friend was the “ Cock of the School “  Simon told his mother that Richard Ellis had spread the word that no one should ever upset his new friend Simon “” OR ELSE ! “”
The lady then said “ from that day, to the end of Simon’s school days, she never had to worry ever again, stating
 “ I will always be grateful to Richard for his protection of Simon and my peace of mind.

Read by David Wilson Jnr on behalf of his Uncle Henry.

Richard began Aikido at the age of 5 years with his father Henry Ellis Shihan - then Henry was Richards Hero never realizing that one day he would become his fathers hero.

Academy of Hard Knocks 

The ` Academy of Hard Knocks ` is a new initiative aiming to provide support for our youth community. Specifically for those who are in need of guidance and role models to break the cycle of youth offending, or those who find themselves on the wrong path and want to changetheir lives for the better. 

Rik Ellis centre with Sir Gerald Howe MP for Aldershot and once the PPS to PM Margaret Thatcher.
Sir Gerald is a strong supporter of the ` AHK ` initative to help wayward youngsters get back on track to a more productive life.

Rik Ellis recently met with Sir Gerald Howarth MP at the Fight Science Gym  Aldershot, to discuss the future of `Academy of Hard Knocks ` and its success with local youths. The system is based on strict discipline with a total no nonsense approach.


Click - Fight Science Gym -> - Fight Science Gym - Here Rik `hammer` Ellis with Nick `headhunter`Chapman. Rik demonstrates his method of aikido transference techniques on Nick Chapman the UK1 MMA L/H champion.
Nick has never done any Aikido before.
Rik Ellis is the son of Henry Ellis 6th dan AikiKai; a direct student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from 1957.

Rule:ix.Small joint manipulation = fingers - toes - is illegal.

Nykko - Sankyo - Kotegaesh are not small joint manipulations,they are wrist control techniques and therefore legal and applicable.
Video - Rik Ellis - Nick Chapman demonstrate Aikido / MMA techniques.

Rik Ellis - Aikido in MMA transference Techniques


Rik `hammer` Ellis Photo Slide Show - a selection of photos.

Rik `hammer` Ellis training / rolling with Niall - a young MMA prospect at the Fight Science Gym Aldershot.

After a tough work-out Rik Ellis always finds the time to help the up n coming youngsters like 16 yr old Niall.

________________________________________________________________________________Click photos to Enlarge.

These are some of the Aikido techniques that I consider transferable to MMA.I want to show how Aikido can be adapted for MMA in the cage and the street, if, and when needed.
Visit the "Aikido Articles Blog"->Aikido Articles

Rik Ellis with his good friend Nick headhunter Chapman the UK1 light heavy-weight champion and CEO of `Fight Science Gym Aldershot`

Left: Applied Sankyo - Right: Taking Ikkyo from clinch to the ground.

From clinch; irimi with elbow in to face,keeping body tight turn and take into kotegaesh.

The Aikido that my father taught me was Traditional Aikido as taught by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. Aikido was a `martial art. To many the word `martial` is irrelevant and the word `art` appeals more to the tree huggers.


Rik Ellis's views - Aikido/MMA - VISIT " Aikido in MMA " CLICK HERE Click for " Aikido in MMA _________________________________________________________________________________

British Aikido Board - Jack Poole Controversy
The Betrayal of British Budo

My father Henry Ellis with uke Geoff Goodwin 1968

My father had no idea in 1968 that the bearded man sitting on the right ` Mr Jack Poole`, would one day re-invent himself to be a pioneer of UK Aikido, not only before my father, but also before Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.
Who knows what Mr Poole is dreaming of as he sits there as a complete beginner.
In the year 2000 Mr Poole's dreams became public, as he claimed to have been an Aikido student of Tadashi Abe in France in 1952 - a student of Tomio Otani for Kendo in 1953 ( Tommio was in Junior school at that time :-)
Mr Poole claimed to be a dan grade in Shotokan Karate, 16 years before it was introduced to the UK. - Mr Poole claimed to be a 3rd dan in Judo with Otani Sensei ( totally denied by Robin Otani Sensei president of the BJC ) - Mr Poole claimed to have represented the British Judo Council in international competition ( several years before the BJC was created :-)
Mr Poole has been graded by his own students to 7th dan ( it may be 8th by now :-)

British Aikido Board Exposed.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and the early pioneers of Aikido in the UK could never have imagined that 50 years on, there would be a governing body for the art of Aikido, a governing body that would collude with a self-graded Mr Jack Poole to corrupt the true history of Aikido in the UK.

The BAB would attempt to create a history of crass lies and deceit to suit their own devious agenda.
Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman took their case first to the Minister for Sport at the `Houses of Parliament` - then to - `Sport England`.
The BAB were reprimanded for their crass conduct and instructed to give a written apology to Henry Ellis.
It is our aim to protect our proud history and lineage from those that create their own grades, titles and history.

 Future generations will one day look for the truth.

Visit the ``British Aikido Board Exposed `` Blog.
Read the shocking truth about this crass organisation. British Aikido Board Exposed

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  1. Hi Rik, Lamarr (used to be Colin) here. I've watched some YouTube vids of you.May I say how pleased I am with what you've done so far. Was that your son who came to my 40th? Wow, he looks like a champ. I wish you and your family every success.


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