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UK1 MMA - Rik`hammer` Ellis - Wins UK1 MMA Light Heavyweight Title - Belt

Rik Ellis the son of Henry Ellis Shihan - Aikikai Hombu, a student of Aikido from the age of five years. Rik continues to enjoy his Aikido as taught to him by his father a direct student of the legendary Budo master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.
Rik follows his fathers teaching that, whilst Aikido can be practised in harmony in the dojo - it is totally unsuitable for application in `the street`in a time of need.
Teachers should teach students how to adapt their Aikido to meet any, and all hostile situations - The problem is - many teachers are unable to adapt.
Rik believes in `Positive Aikido` - If threatened - take a positive approach - deflect your opponents attack - enter - finish. no time to talk of aiki love and floating around the universe - no time to breath through your toes or slap your attacker with a coloured ribbon. - This would be a good time to test your `no touch` throws, or perhaps try a `Ki Blast` ( reality check ) - Good luck.
Rik Ellis
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 July 21st - UK1 MMA Fight Night - Fight Science Arena - Aldershot UK
Rik Ellis - Aikido MMA - wins the Light Heavy weight title in 46 seconds of the first round.

UK1 MMA - Fight Science Arena - Aldershot - Hampshire UK - 21st - July - 2012 - Rik Ellis wins in 46 sec 1st Round.

Rik Ellis with his father Henry Ellis being presented with the UK1 MMA title belt by Grant Waterman.

                                                Rik `hammer`Ellis - vs - Kriston `hulk` Buxey

                                                                    The Fight in Brief.

Kriston Buxey really brought it on with a great opening shot that spurred Rik in to action in a fight he was just as determined to win as was Buxey. After the opening shot from Buxey Rik allowed his 18 pounds heavier opponent to push him back into the cage wall where Rik made a very effective tight `Tenkan` turn off the cage wall taking his opponent down into  a punishing `ground n pound` finishing with a rear naked choke in the 46th second of the first round.

The 46 second win should not undermine what was a battle from the bell to the end.
Rik Ellis Aikido - MMA wins in 46 seconds of the first round.

Professional photos and video to be added as soon as available

Rik `hammer` Ellis fought Kriston`hulk`Buxey for the UK1 MMA light heavyweight title and championship belt. Rik won with a RNC in a hard fought 46 seconds.

Jay Dods Ellis unbeaten in 5 straight MMA fights.

18 yr old Jay Dods Ellis made it 5 straight wins as a semi-pro MMA fighter by beating 30yr old Polish fighter Pavel Famel in 56 seconds of the first round to take the UK1 MMA Light weight semi-pro title with a KO.
It was a great night for Henry Ellis as he watched his son and grandson demonstrate the Ellis family fighting spirit.

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Full Contact Fight Night

Full Contact Fight Night
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2 - Rik ( Hammer ) Ellis Aikido / MMA

2 - Rik ( Hammer ) Ellis Aikido / MMA
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3- Rik ( Hammer ) Ellis Aikido-MMA high traditional aikido kick

3- Rik ( Hammer ) Ellis Aikido-MMA high traditional aikido kick
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4 - Rik ( Hammer ) Ellis Aikido -MMA ground & pound .

4 - Rik ( Hammer )  Ellis Aikido -MMA ground & pound .
Rik Ellis takes his opponent to the ground after turning his opponent off the cage wall with a tight body controlled irmi tenkan.